Dec 9 2008

Goats on the payroll…

Seems like such an simple and obvious idea… why don’t we do this more often? I’d love to see this in Paris. We could use a little more wildlife. This city doesn’t even have squirrels! (A bar of fine Parisian chocolate to the first one who can tell me the story behind that one!) Anyhow, have a gander at a video of city-worker goats doing their job in LA.

If only we could get them to gather autumn leaves, too. Those leaf blowers are evil. They pollute (the ones I’ve seen belch out a black cloud of pollution), they shatter the peace with a horrible amount of noise and ergonomically I’ve heard they’re very bad for the workers who use them.

Now if I can just get some goats to help me with the housework… who am I kidding? They’d just eat my throw rugs and scare the bejeezus out of the cats with their rectangular pupils.

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Dec 16 2007

strangely-shaped piece of foam lying in the gutter

So I’m running to work (quite literally) because I’m late (as usual) and I run past a strangely-shaped piece of foam lying in the gutter. Half a block further, I realize it’s going to haunt me if I don’t document it — so I run back and snap a picture with my phone, then turn and run for the subway stop again.

I was ten minutes late, but now I have this fine photo to ponder. Okay it’s kind of a crappy photo - ’scuse the hell out of me! - but it shows you how grubby the foam was and the oddness of the shape. It looks like a giant ping pong paddle. It was about two feet (60 centimeters) long and had these strange holes in it as you can see.

So, the million dollar question is — what the hell is it?!? Most likely it was used to pack something for shipping, but then the question becomes what on earth would that something be?

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